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In some instances, an extraction may be needed if a tooth has been irreparably damaged from trauma or decay, or room is needed for other teeth. The time may come that you may have to protect your smile with a tooth extraction. To learn more about extraction recovery, please read the following:

– Although getting plenty of exercise is vital for a healthy body, it is much more important to rest after a tooth extraction so your body can focus all of its energy on healing the extraction location.
– Adhere to the strict guidelines pertaining to dosages for any medication you may take.
– Use your dentist as a resource for information regarding tooth extractions.
– If your recovery doesn’t go well, it is important to contact your dentist as soon as you think that there may be a problem.
– To reduce swelling and inflammation in your face, your dentist can prescribe medications or you can apply an ice pack or a cold pack.
– If you were administered a sedative such as anesthesia, follow the dentist’s instructions about post-procedure care and activity/

If you would need to see Dr. Ben Taylor and our team at First Care Dental about an extraction or a cleaning or exam, please contact our office in Louisville, Kentucky, by calling us at 502-893-5677. It’s never too late to start taking steps to a healthier you!