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Fall has come around once again. As the fall season transitions into full swing is important to begin taking care of your teeth and your child’s teeth. Although you should already be brushing twice daily and flossing once daily, consider the benefits of additional oral health care treatments to protect your teeth, including dental sealants.

Dental sealants are highly effective tooth restoration treatments that are designed to protect your teeth against the hazards that come with harmful acids and bacteria. Even though your teeth are equipped with a thin layer of protection known as tooth enamel, harmful acids can eat through it over time. Dental sealants are designed to prevent acids from reaching the stages of tooth decay. Studies have shown that sealants can reduce your risk of tooth decay by as much as 80% in molars.

Dental sealants are also highly effective in the molars of young children. When a child of 6 years old, their first molars begin to grow in. At this time, it is advisable to administer dental sealants to their molars to protect them from cavities that can arise. According to the CDC, children who do not have sealants are three times more likely to develop cavities than those who do. Furthermore, a single application of dental sealants can last for over a decade.

Dental sealants may be the dentistry service you need. For an oral examination at First Care Dental at our dentist office in Louisville, Kentucky, please book an appointment with Dr. Ben Taylor and our team by calling 502-893-5677. We look forward to making your smile shine!