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Your tooth enamel is made up of a dense mineral substance. It is intended to be strong enough to allow you to bite, chew, and break down food before you swallow.

Yet poor oral hygiene conditions in your mouth can gradually start to weaken your tooth enamel. If it continues on a chronic basis, a cavity could develop on one of your teeth.

Early on you might notice increased sensitivity, discomfort, as well as a possible change in the tooth’s texture and appearance. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should not delay in having it examined by Dr. Ben Taylor. With early detection, a small cavity might be repaired with a simple dental filling.

The treatment process involves Dr. Ben Taylor numbing the tooth before using a drill to remove all traces of tooth decay to prepare the surface to receive the dental filling. The material that he selects will largely be based on the tooth’s visibility in your smile.

An amalgam dental filling is made from blended dental metals. They have the durability to handle the tough work of chewing and grinding. This makes them a good option for repairing a cavity on a molar or premolar.

Composite dental fillings are a good option for repairing a cavity on a tooth that is visible in your smile. They are made from a dental resin material that can be shaded to match the color and tone of natural tooth enamel.

Once the filling material has been applied, Dr. Ben Taylor will use a special ultraviolet light to harden the filling and secure its bond with the surrounding tooth enamel.

If you live in the Louisville, Kentucky, area and you are experiencing symptoms of a newly developing cavity on one of your teeth, you should call 502-893-5677 to have it diagnosed as soon as possible at First Care Dental.