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Porcelain dental crowns are becoming very popular for patients of all ages, especially those who are concerned about the aesthetics of their smiles. Dr. Norman Zanger, Dr. Scott Wathen, and Dr. Benjamin Taylor are pleased to provide insight into how porcelain dental crowns are made.

To ensure your smile receives appropriate dental care, our dentist first examines the targeted tooth to determine whether or not it can support a dental crown. Our dentist may need to alter the shape of the tooth to accommodate the new dental crown. The tooth may need to be shaped to make room for the crown, and a tooth that is severely damaged or broken may need to be built up so that it is large enough to support a crown.

One the tooth is ready for the dental crown, we will then take careful impressions of your tooth, surrounding teeth, and overall smile to enable the creation of a custom-made dental crown. A well-made impression that captures the unique contours of your smile is the key to creating a high-quality dental crown that will last for many years. Skilled dental technicians then use these impressions to create your permanent crown.

We will invite you to First Care Dental for a second visit when the new crown is ready. During this visit, we place the dental crown over the tooth, check its fit and color, and makes any necessary tweaks. Finally, we position the crown in its proper placement and cements it in place.

Porcelain dental crowns typically take two visits to First Care Dental. If you would like to learn more about how porcelain dental crowns in Louisville, Kentucky, are made, call 502-893-5677 and schedule a time to speak with our team!